Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Enough Tobacco!?

In the last 20 years the demand for tobacco has been too high for the supply. This is causing the price for tobacco to increase to an astounding number. Tobacco farmers are becoming richer and richer every year. These farmers keep the prices high, insuring that even a small amount of tobacco will bring in profit. According to a recent survey, the farmers who grow the most tobacco are the ones who make the most money.

I asked one farmer farmer who grows a small amount of tobacco why he doesn't grow more. He said, " I would, but it's too much work and would require me to buy more slaves, which cost money,". I can understand his point. Some people expect the demand for tobacco to increase even more over time. Will it? We'll just have to see.

Crisis Over Native Land

Right now the one thing people in Virginia want more than anything is land. Unfortunately, almost all of the remaining land belongs to Native Americans. We interviewed a backcountry resident, asking what he thinks should be done about the current land crisis. He said, "My friends and I were talking about the same thing the other day. We all talked about it and agreed that military action should be used in order to gain more land".

Rumors of war are also spreading in the backcountry area. We asked a local Tidewater resident what he had to say about all this and all he said was, "Those nitwits can go to war all they want and get their property destroyed. They just better not bring it over here". More information will be published by next week.